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The heart of fundraising success: how The Rainbow Lottery supports the LGBTQ+ community

Beyond big budgets and slick branding, a huge heart and unwavering passion can work wonders for fundraising. The Rainbow Lottery founders Tom Gattos and David Murray are living proof, having raised a staggering £350,000 for the LGBTQ+ community in partnership with lottery provider, Gatherwell.

In a recent interview, Tom revealed his insights into the importance of authenticity, maintaining positivity and fostering new relationships in achieving fundraising goals. His message is clear: embrace your authenticity, stoke your passion and you’ll achieve your fundraising goals.

Authenticity and passion as driving forces

Eloquent, witty and effortlessly charming, Tom is conscious of how intrinsic his own personality traits are in his ability to achieve buy-in for his cause. “People respond to passion. When they see that you truly believe in what you are doing, it becomes infectious,” Tom said. “When supporters see your dedication and commitment, they’re more likely to connect with your cause and invest in its success.”

He sees authenticity as the currency of connection, and spoke about how important it is to be open about financials and impact. “Be prepared, be authentic, be transparent. When people ask about where the money goes, I guide them to the website, which shows that 50% of funds raised by the lottery goes directly to players’ chosen LGBTQ+ cause, 10% to other good causes, and the rest is used to provide the prizes, including a weekly £25,000 jackpot and the admin for the lottery.”

Positivity as offence and defence

While The Rainbow Lottery is all about creating positive change, dealing with negativity is also a fact of the job. Tom admits to a certain “pig-headedness” about doing good, which drives him to find solutions even when the challenges seem insurmountable. His strategy is to always keep the bigger picture in mind, knowing that every obstacle overcome translates to more help for the community.

A clear understanding of his mission, and being prepared for any challenge, are both crucial tools. “When you hold the facts close and understand the positive impact you bring, negativity loses its bite. It’s about being able to articulate what you’re doing, who you’re doing it for, and why you’re doing it. Everything else is just noise.”

Networking as a powerful marketing tool

Tom swears by the power of “chain reactions” and is always putting himself out there, meeting new people, knowing that every encounter could unlock new opportunities. “Don’t be disheartened if you’ve been networking and don’t see an immediate uptick in donations. Be prepared to put in the hard work, accept every invitation, and actively connect with people to spread the word. Eventually, it will pay off.” 

While Tom relishes the personal touch of face-to-face meetings and holding one-to-one lunches with potential causes, he understands it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea”. As an alternative, he champions event networking with a twist. “Be creative and seek out opportunities to spread the word, like passing out branded beer mats, which will always spark conversations! It’s amazing how a simple gesture can open doors.” 

As the future unfolds, Tom and David are  focussed on building awareness and bringing more causes onto the Rainbow Lottery. By staying true to their core mission, the Rainbow Lottery will help create an even brighter future for the LGBTQ+ community. To find out more, watch the Rainbow Lottery success story video on the Gatherwell website.