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England Boxing join forces with Gatherwell to launch GRAB lottery

As one of the world’s oldest sports national governing bodies (NGB), England Boxing is the cornerstone of amateur boxing in England, fostering safety, welfare, coaching and regulations for the past century. With 150,000 recreational members, 27,000 paid members, and 1000 clubs up and down the UK, England Boxing is about so much more than developing fighters for the ring – they are committed to fostering a thriving, diverse sports community and nurturing champions of tomorrow.

Avoen Perryman, the Head of Operations at England Boxing, highlighted the organisation’s mission to create an inspirational talent pathway, nurturing the champions of tomorrow. “It’s not merely about producing professional boxers – it’s about engaging with communities, encouraging fitness, and building confidence, all within a supportive environment.”

In their quest for funding, they’ve teamed up with Gatherwell, an ethical lottery provider with a decade’s experience in digital lotteries, raising more than £20 million for 13,000 organisations across the UK. This partnership will see the launch of the Grassroots Amateur Boxing Lottery (GRAB) ticket sales on 15 November.

Phil Wright, General Manager at Gatherwell, emphasised the potential of lotteries as a fundraising tool for sports organisations: “Lotteries deliver reliable, recurring income to NGBs and affiliated clubs. It’s a straightforward, dependable means of fundraising through a fun and engaging digital platform.” 

He added, “Having their own lottery will contribute to England Boxing’s ability to nurture the champions of the future, and is something we want to enable more sports clubs and organisations to be able to achieve.” Phil added.

England Boxing-affiliated clubs have the opportunity to sign up free of charge to the GRAB Lottery. This enables them to run a lottery and create a new, sustainable revenue stream to support their ongoing operations. 

Gatherwell’s lottery model provides full transparency on how each pound is allocated. “Of every pound, 40p goes directly to the chosen club, 20p supports NGB initiatives, and the remainder covers the lottery technology, lottery draws, and, of course, the prize money for the lucky winners each week,” revealed Avoen. Tickets are priced at just £1 per week, and the weekly draw offers a chance at a £25,000 jackpot, along with other prizes of £2,000, £250, and £25.

So, what initiatives will the GRAB Lottery be funding? “The money raised will serve to support the clubs themselves and an array of programs and projects that benefit England Boxing’s members and their communities.” Avoen explained.

England Boxing’s outreach extends to the most disadvantaged areas of the country, where it has a tangible impact. Avoen highlighted, “40% of our clubs are in the top 20% most deprived areas of the country. Boxing thrives in these disadvantaged communities like no other sport.The funds raised through the GRAB Lottery will directly support these programs and our members from these communities.”

Launching the GRAB Lottery with Gatherwell was a deliberate choice. Gatherwell was chosen as their approach keeps the best interests of clubs and members front-of- mind. England Boxing values its passionate and generous members and is familiar with the challenges of asking for support to fund sport initiatives and programs, a common issue for many NGBs.

During the pandemic, England Boxing conducted a successful fundraising campaign, raising an impressive £130,000 from their members. Avoen said, “We were really pleased and proud of our members putting their hands in their pockets and supporting us. But it didn’t quite sit right with us to ask our members for money when we exist to give back to them.”

Avoen believes that the sport’s fans are eager to give back to their communities. “The lottery serves as an ideal avenue for the general public to directly support their local clubs and their sport. There are somewhere between 1.5 to 2 million fans of amateur boxing and professional boxing in the UK. The lottery offers them the opportunity to contribute while having a shot at winning something themselves.” Avoen said.

With Gatherwell as a partner, England Boxing is on a path to transform sports funding. The lottery offers a win-win opportunity for supporters – a chance to contribute to a cause that is close to their hearts, and a chance to win prizes. 

“Gatherwell are a lovely group of people. They have a good platform that is modern and sleek, and their team is very helpful and supportive. It’s been nothing but positive to work with Gatherwell, so I’d highly recommend all NGBs get involved with them.” Avoen commented.

England Boxing is inviting everyone to get involved in the GRAB lottery, whether you’re an amateur boxing club looking to create extra income, or a fan of the sport. “If anybody out there is passionate about supporting disadvantaged communities and helping them to be able to stay physically active and engaged in a positive community environment. In my opinion, you won’t find a better cause to support.”.

Gatherwell gives sports clubs and NGBs the competitive edge by helping them, and their member organisations, fundraise. With low fees, simple setup and excellent returns, start scoring fundraising goals with a Gatherwell.