External lottery management to suit your organisation

Our digital lotteries are designed for organisations of all types and sizes.
No matter whether you need a plug-and-play lottery or a more sophisticated setup, Gatherwell is here to help you fundraise.

Gatherwell’s online lotteries are the ideal way to create new income streams for your organisation.

Interested in starting a digital lottery?

We have the perfect solution for your organisation.

Local authorities and CVSs

We work with more than 120 local authorities and CVSs all over the UK to raise millions of pounds each year for community organisations and good causes.

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Small to medium charities and non-profits

Getting started with One Lottery is fast – and it’s free! Before you know it, your supporters will be hammering down your (digital) door and your fundraising efforts will take off.

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Large charities and non-profits

If you need a solution that’s slightly more tailored to your specific needs, Lottery Plus is for you. We build your lottery to feel like your brand, and you can choose the prize structure and where the money goes.

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Sports organisations

Kick off your fundraising efforts with a lottery designed for sports organisations. With Gatherwell, you and your member organisations will be scoring goals in no time.

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Raise money for improving educational facilities and the school environment for your pupils with Your School Lottery – designed specifically for schools across the UK.

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A fun and effective way to engage supporters

Online lotteries are an easy way to engage new and existing supporters with an enjoyable experience that gives them the chance to win a fantastic prize.

Lotteries’ broad appeal means you can expand your ability to raise funds and generate additional revenue for your organisation.

Efficient and ethical fundraising

Getting started with Gatherwell is fast and painless. Once you’re set up, supporters can purchase a ticket for just £1 for their chance to win the £25,000 jackpot and other cash prizes.

We are committed to returning up to 63% of funds raised back to the good causes they were intended for. This is almost double the amount of other national lottery providers.