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We’re here to help you exceed your fundraising targets with an online lottery designed specifically for your organisation.
With 10 years’ experience working with non-profits all over the UK, we know how to drive results and help you achieve your goals.

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Drive engagement and amplify fundraising

Online lotteries help you engage your community and grow your supporter base by providing a fun and enjoyable way for them to give back.

By offering a cash jackpot or other incentives, you’ll build genuine excitement around your cause and create a highly effective fundraising channel.

We provide everything you need to make your lottery a success

Expert advice and guidance

At Gatherwell, we are the lottery experts. Our team has helped more than 13,000 organisations across the UK fundraise, making us the perfect partner to ensure lottery success.

Dedicated lottery website

When you sign up for a Gatherwell lottery, you’ll get a dedicated website designed specifically to suit your organisation’s branding, with a URL that’s unique to you.

Comprehensive launch plan

We help make your lottery launch a success, providing a comprehensive launch plan and launch materials including a press release, launch event guide and more.

Customised marketing materials

Our marketing team will create a package of custom-branded promotional materials for you, to help you promote your lottery across your supporter base and beyond.

Social media campaigns

We create automated social media campaigns to help encourage supporters via Facebook and Twitter, including artwork and messaging tailored to your organisation.

Dedicated customer support

Our team is available online and over the phone to answer your supporters’ questions and help with ticket purchases. The dedicated phone number and email address are unique to your organisation.

Complete visibility

Our automatic email reports and online dashboard provide your organisation with complete visibility over lottery results and player data.

How it works

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke lottery solution that meets your organisation’s specific needs, providing strategic advice on everything from prize draws to launch planning.

Drawing on our experience with more than 13,000 non-profits across the UK, we’ll help ensure your lottery generates new income for your organisation and meets your goals.

The lottery’s been brilliant for us. And we’ve greatly benefited from it. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Tam McFarlane, National Officer  
Fire Brigades Union

Discover how Gatherwell can help you fundraise for your cause

Frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about bespoke lotteries? Find the answers below.

How much does it cost to set up a charity lottery?

Setting up a charity lottery is easy, and inexpensive. We charge a small one-off fee to help get you started, and once you’re up and running, any charges are based on a percentage of ticket sales.

How much money goes back to the community?

We work hard to ensure that funds raised go to the causes they were intended for. We will work with you to determine how much of the ticket price goes back to your cause and how much is spent on prizes.

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I already have a lottery – is this solution for me?

If you have an existing charity lottery that needs a new lease of life then we’re ready and waiting. Migrating your lottery across to Gatherwell is simple and seamless. We’ll bring fresh ideas and energy, so you can start generating the income you’re aspiring to.

Is this lottery designed for smaller charities and non-profits?

If you’re a smaller charity or non-profit organisation, One Lottery could be the solution. With no setup fees and no risk, getting started is incredibly simple. Check out One Lottery now.

Do I need a gambling licence?

Gatherwell will guide you through the application process for a lottery license, supporting you every step of the way and providing all the relevant documentation and advice.

What kinds of prizes can I offer?

Lotteries offer an exciting breadth of prizes for your supporters. Whether it’s a cash prize, a car, or a brand new home, we will work with you to determine the right structure for your lottery.

Who runs the lottery?

The Gatherwell team will take care of day-to-day lottery operations for you, while you retain oversight and governance. Gatherwell also manages the prize fund – relieving you of any exposure.

How much ongoing work is involved?

The ongoing admin burden for a charity is relatively low. Once the lottery is set up, you will need to promote the lottery across your supporter base. You can use the marketing materials we provide, and create your own campaigns to attract as many supporters as possible. You will also need to authorise monthly cause payments.

Can lotteries cause problem gambling?

This is a well-researched area, and charity lotteries and incentivised giving is considered low risk in terms of contributing to problem gambling.

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Are we pressuring people into spending when they can’t afford to?

You know as well as we do that people are generous at heart – but that doesn’t mean we should take from those who can’t afford it. Our lotteries typically cost £1 per ticket, which means they are less likely to break the household budget. Players can stop playing the lottery at any time should they need to.

How do I get started?

To get started with your very own charity lottery, talk to us today.

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