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Blog | Community Lottery, Fundraising stories

The heart of fundraising success: how The Rainbow Lottery supports the LGBTQ+ community

The Rainbow Lottery founders Tom Gattos and David Murray are living proof, having raised £350,000 for the LGBTQ+ community in partnership with Gatherwell.
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Blog | Product features

Introducing a new feature: the Fundraising Timeline

Introducing a new feature that not only amplifies lottery marketing efforts but also helps you highlight the real impact of your supporters' contributions - the Fundraising Timeline.
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Blog | Fundraising stories, News and updates

England Boxing join forces with Gatherwell to launch GRAB lottery

The GRAB Lottery is a source of income that will help drive change, bring communities together and support the champions of tomorrow.
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Blog | General, News and updates, Technology

Customer satisfaction survey: the results are in for 2023

We’re excited to reveal the outcomes of Gatherwell’s 2023 customer satisfaction survey. Gatherwell proudly manages over 140 fundraising lotteries on behalf of charities, councils, and non-profit organisations supporting over 14,000
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Blog | Fundraising ideas

How to choose the best fundraising platform for your organisation

Many non-profits are now using online fundraising platforms. How do the top online fundraising platform providers distinguish themselves from others?
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Blog | Fundraising ideas

Top fundraising ideas for community organisations

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. Check out our list of the top fundraising ideas to help support your cause.
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