Award winning external lottery management

At Gatherwell, our highly-awarded lottery management sets the standard in the UK.
We have helped 13,000 organisations raise more than £20 million for their causes, a number that continues to grow each year.

Why Gatherwell, you ask? Here are a few insights into why our lotteries are such a great way to fundraise.

Creating successful online fundraising lotteries

With more than 10 years’ experience in online lotteries, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about how to create a successful fundraising lottery.

But don’t just take our word for it! We have the success stories and accolades to prove it, and were awarded the Lottery Operator of the Year by the Lotteries Council.

Giving more back
to good causes

We are proud to be an ethical lottery provider. A high percentage of funds raised goes back to the causes we work with, compared with other national lotteries.

We return up to 63% of the funds raised by your lottery to your organisation and the causes you support. The rest goes towards prizes, with a small amount set aside for admin.

Making setup and compliance easy

A Gatherwell lottery is fast and easy to set up – in fact, with many of our solutions, all it takes is a few clicks before you’re up and away!

When it comes to the finer details like your lottery licence, we’re here to guide you through the entire process and ensure everything is properly in place.

Providing a completely digital lottery experience

All Gatherwell lotteries operate entirely online, helping you reach an unlimited audience without the need to sell printed tickets or use a costly door-to-door sales team.

Your players can buy tickets, check their numbers and claim their winnings, all through your very own lottery website or web page. They can even choose to donate their winnings back to your cause.

Supporting lottery growth in the long term

We’ll help you engage supporters from day one with launch materials to kick off your new lottery, as well as ongoing marketing to promote your cause.

We give you complete visibility over how well your lottery is performing, so you can track your success.

To generate even more goodwill, we enable you to contact your supporters, thank them, and let them know how their contribution has helped your cause.

Powering your solution with the very best

Gatherwell is part of the Jumbo Interactive Group, a global leader creating the world’s best lottery experiences.

The provider behind some of the most successful and impactful lottery programs worldwide, Jumbo has four million active players and raises £110 million each year for good causes.

Our story

For more than 10 years, Gatherwell has been creating successful lottery programs for organisations across the UK.
  • 2023
    This year we hit yet another amazing milestone, with Gatherwell helping raise more than £20 million for good causes. With all these milestones reached, we are thinking we may need to find a healthier way to celebrate!
  • 2022
    In 2021 we reached a huge milestone for Your School Lottery, helping more than 2000 schools and parent teacher associations to fundraise.
  • 2021
    In 2021 we reached a huge milestone for Your School Lottery, helping more than 2000 schools and parent teacher associations to fundraise.
  • 2020
    This was the year we launched One Lottery, our fast and effective solution that helps small- and medium-sized charities across the UK fundraise.
  • 2019
    Also in 2019 Gatherwell was acquired by Jumbo Interactive Ltd. Jumbo is the leading digital retailer of Australia’s best-loved charity and state lotteries.
  • 2019
    In 2019, we were awarded the Lottery Operator of the Year by The Lotteries Council. As if we needed an excuse for more cake!
  • 2018
    2018 saw us hit an amazing milestone of £3 million raised annually for good causes across the UK. We celebrated in true Gatherwell style with some well-deserved cake!
  • 2015
    In 2015 we became the first online lottery provider for local authorities, launching the Vale Lottery in partnership with Aylesbury Vale District Council.
  • 2014
    We launched Your School Lottery in 2014 to help alleviate the pressure austerity measures were placing on schools across the UK and help them raise funds for new facilities and initiatives.
  • 2013
    Our story began in 2013, when we set out on our mission to help good causes connect with their communities and raise money via a fun and engaging platform.

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