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Five reasons why lotteries are a great way to fundraise

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As charities continue to face the challenges of fundraising in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, the pressure is mounting on both donors and beneficiaries and their ability to support good causes despite the rising demand for these services.

In 2022, charitable donations in the UK experienced a sharp decline to a value of £4.3 billion from the previous year’s figure of £9.3 billion. It’s clear that donors are feeling the financial strain, likely due to the cost-of-living crisis and high inflation

Charities can help overcome these hurdles by providing donors with more rewarding and engaging ways to give. That’s where digital lotteries come in. With a fun and interactive way to donate through online platforms, charities can reach a wider audience and reduce operational costs and offer prizes – one lottery ticket at a time.

1. Create a stream of unrestricted funding

Digital lotteries offer you a year-round stream of unrestricted funds that can be used to finance a wide range of initiatives, including grants funding and infrastructure projects.

Unlike restricted funding, which is tied to specific projects or relies on long-winded funding applications, digital lotteries provide you with greater flexibility and control over how you invest. With the freedom to use funds in a way that best meets the needs of your community, you’ll be able to make a real difference where it counts.

2. Engage your audience with rewards

Are you struggling to reach a wider audience with your fundraising efforts? Cause-led fundraising can be effective with the right audience, but it’s often limited to those who already align strongly with your mission.

Research shows that four out of five people are more likely to contribute to a charity lottery than to make a donation. This approach offers an incredible opportunity to engage a much wider audience. By tapping into the widespread appeal of lotteries, you can inspire more people to get involved and drive meaningful contributions to your cause.

3. Make the shift to digital fundraising

Digital lotteries are completely online, helping you reach an unlimited audience without the need to sell printed tickets or use a costly door-to-door sales team.

The beauty of digital lotteries is that they offer a seamless experience for your supporters. They can easily buy tickets, check their numbers, and claim their winnings directly through your very own lottery website or web page. Plus, players can even choose to donate their winnings back to your cause, helping you raise even more funds to make a difference. With the convenience and accessibility of online lotteries, the sky’s the limit for your fundraising success.

4. Fundraise more, for less

Setting up a digital lottery requires minimal up-front investment, with a small fee to get you up and running and no ongoing out-of-pocket running costs. That means you can focus on what really matters: raising funds for your cause.

Up to 63% of the funds raised by your lottery go directly back to your organisation and the causes you support with the remaining 36% used to provide exciting prizes plus some small admin costs. And because administrative and prize costs come out of ticket sales, there’s no impact on your cash flow. You can generate meaningful funds to support your mission without worrying about expensive overhead costs. 

5. Keep your audience supporting

Digital lotteries are fun! They engage your audience with fun prizes and rewards they can win while supporting good causes. For as little as £1 per ticket, your followers can get in on the action and play to win. And the best part? The more they play, the more they can help support your cause. 

Your audience can have a blast while making a difference in their community. So why settle for dull and uninspired fundraising methods when you can offer your supporters a fun and exciting way to donate?

Gatherwell lotteries are a fun and engaging way to appeal to your supporters and raise funds for your cause. Need to generate more revenue for your organisation? Get in touch.