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The results are in for 2022: Gatherwell’s customer satisfaction survey

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February 2, 2022
Clients report 95% satisfaction with Gatherwell lotteries

Gatherwell’s customer satisfaction survey results are in and we want to share the great feedback with you. Gatherwell operates more than 120 fundraising lotteries on behalf of charities, councils and non-profits. Every year we ask you, our valued clients, what you think of your experience working with us. Not to humble brag but, looking at the results, we’re really feeling the love.

Happy all-round

You gave us a whopping 94% overall satisfaction rating, which is the kind of result we feel deserves a celebration. For all the good work our clients do, raising funds for good causes, we’re incredibly honoured to be along for the ride, helping you achieve your fundraising goals. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your ongoing support.

Trust in our expertise

One thing that stands out is your confidence in our lottery expertise. With a 95% rating, it’s fair to say that you trust us to give the right advice around creating and managing successful fundraising lotteries. Here are some of the things you had to say:

We are in year 5 and have had absolutely no issues. Second to none.”

Our decision to work with Gatherwell was based on a range of sources all of which were correct – we feel confident in our partnership with Gatherwell.”

We’ve never had any concerns. They know what they are doing.”

Empowered by an easy experience

We make setting up and running a lottery easy for you and your supporters. So, a rating of 84% for ease of operations, makes us feel a sense of pride and it’s wonderful to get feedback like this:

Having previously had to organise a network of collectors picking up cash and handing out result sheets door to door, reconciling cash against paperwork submitted, banking cash/cheques, writing cheques or vouchers for winners, printing, result sheets, addressing envelopes, franking and dropping off at post office, then doing my own returns to local authority, you can imagine how much easier this is.”

The resources provided by Gatherwell have made it pretty simple and straightforward to do this.”

The system is user-friendly with supportive telephone assistance when needed.”

Impressed with performance monitoring

We provide an online dashboard to all our lottery clients so that they can monitor the performance of their lottery. When asked about it, many of you pointed out how useful it is for keeping track of your progress. Here are some other comments:

I find the whole platform a treasure trove of information”

Very clear, tells me exactly what is outstanding. Very user friendly.”

Dashboard is excellent – showing weekly funding update, supporters, DD/One off to calculate any drop/increase in prizes etc. etc. Very valuable.”

Satisfied with service

Coming in at 85%, our overall service rating provides insight into how you feel about our support and professionalism. We couldn’t be happier with the positive feedback we received:

I feel that they provide an excellent service and are always prompt to reply to any queries I have.”

The team has been brilliant to work with, very supportive, and always upbeat despite the lengthy delays in getting our lottery to the launch date. Thank you so much for your help.”

When I have had call to contact Gatherwell, the response has always been professional and timely. The team is knowledgeable, supportive and wants the best for all lotteries.”

Confident to recommend us

Net Promoter Score helps us understand how likely customers are to recommend us, measured on a scale from -100 to +100. With the average for our industry being +39, we received a score of +60, which is a great rating.

So there you have it. But we’re not planning on resting on our laurels – there’s definitely more work to be done, and we want to see all these numbers going up. We got some wonderful constructive suggestions that we can act on, so we can’t wait to share the results with you next year!