We create, launch and manage the next generation of lottery systems.

Our goals are simple: we help organisations of all sizes create and manage fun, easy and engaging lotteries.

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Why gatherwell?

We turn your lottery from an idea into reality, whether you're a charity, a local authority or a community with plans for something completely bespoke. Click through and find out how our award-winning team can help you!

Lottery support

From the licensing forms to onboarding good causes, we work alongside you to make the process as easy and quick as possible.

Intelligent customer management

You gain access to a simple and easy to use dashboard that gives you clarity on who your supporters are.

Maximising donations

One of our core values is being an ethical lottery provider. We give 35% more in donations directly to good causes than any other national lottery.

Your School Lottery

We created Your School Lottery to run lotteries for UK schools. We now help hundreds of schools raise money through their local communities to improve educational facilities for their children.

A new way of engaging parents

Your School Lottery provides parents with the opportunity to feel connected not only to the improvement of their child's education, but also the facilities in the school.


The school doesn't pay to get set up and doesn't pay to run it either. The entire service we provide is totally free for schools. A licence is usually required by your local authority and only costs a one-off fee of £40.

One source of truth

We have created an easy to use, intuitive dashboard which allows local authorities to approve and create causes with the click of a button, while also tracking and managing your lottery in real time.

Ethical and transparent

We understand the importance of keeping costs down, that is why we have complete clarity on our costs and make sure that all donations from supporters go where they're supposed to - the good causes!

Social media integrations

We set up your lottery across various social media channels and have built in integrations which allow news to be shared with supporters at any time.


Looking for something bespoke or want to switch lottery providers? As industry leaders we have developed quick and easy processes for organisations of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on being ethical, easy and engaging.

Our story

You know your community, we know lotteries: together, we do great things!

We pride ourselves on making fundraising easy. We do all the hard work so you can focus on what you do best.

Our story begins in 2013, with two directors on a mission to help good causes connect with their communities and raise money ethically, using a fun and engaging platform.

Fully customised lottery solutions for organisations of all sizes

With no large upfront costs, we enable organisations to maximise donations from their supporters. We pride ourselves on transparency and have a very clear cost plan, only taking a small percentage from each ticket sale to cover the running costs of your lottery. On average 80% of all supporters funds go to local good causes and prizes.

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Customer support

Social media integrations

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We run lotteries for over 5,000 organisations including schools