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Gatherwell are an external lottery manager (ELM). We create, launch and manage the next generation of lottery systems.

You know your community, we know lotteries, together we do great things! We pride ourselves on making fundraising easy. We do all the hard work so you can focus on what you do best.

Gatherwell was founded in 2013 by its 3 Directors with a mission to help good causes raise money. Together the directors have more than 60 years experience in the Gambling, Marketing and Sales industries.

Since 2013 we have already made a difference to hundreds of communities. Our first product Your School Lottery is helping schools right across the UK deal with increasing austerity pressures. With our other products we have helped a wide range of causes from local community centres to Age UK.

We are also extremely proud to have been chosen as the UK's first online local authority lottery provider by Aylesbury Vale District Council. Vale Lottery launched on 28th November 2015 and is already exceeding expectations. Aylesbury Vale District Council and Gatherwell want to share this success by helping other local authorities launch similar schemes.

UK's Leading Lottery Manager

We're here

OxfordBased in Oxford UK. Gatherwell are a friendly, driven team that are committed to helping good causes raise money by delivering engaging lotteries that supporters enjoy.

Our goals are simple but powerful. We build lotteries that are:

We are already supporting 100’s of great causes with more joining us every day.

Lottery Revolution

Why lotteries?

Supporters come in all shapes and sizes. At Gatherwell we believe lotteries are the best way to capture the biggest range of supporters. From the altruistic to the prize-motivated, we design lotteries that capture all of them.

The population all belong somewhere on this graph:

graph of cause supporters

Traditional fundraising only targets altruistic supporters. Our lotteries target altruistic, optimistic and prize-motivated supporters.

Remember: lotteries can be used as a primary source of fundraising or used to supplement your existing fundraising. We have clients doing both.

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Lotteries are a tool that when used properly will help your cause raise more money. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you raise more money with lotteries.

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Bespoke lotteries

A lottery that works for you

This is the part where other companies would list their “products” and ask you to wade through a feature list to try and guess which box your needs can best squeeze into. If this is your first exposure to lotteries you probably don’t even know what your needs are yet!

All of our lotteries are bespoke, we don’t put customers in a box. We have a proven track record in custom building lotteries for causes and communities (just ask any of our happy customers!).


Launching a lottery with us is NOT a costly endeavour (in many cases it is completely free). We do not make profit from upfront costs. As a lottery manager we take a small percentage from each ticket sale to cover the running costs of your lottery. We keep this percentage as small as possible to maximise the money to your cause and prizes. We are so confident that together your lottery will succeed, we don’t need to profit from large upfront costs and you should be wary of companies that do.


Whilst each lottery is custom fit, we at Gatherwell believe there are certain fundamentals that we make sure are part of any lottery we run:

We hope we've given you a good sense of who we are and what we do. There is more information available on request. Just get in touch!