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How councils can support the community when funding is scarce

People celebrating starting a community lottery

Current geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges are having a dramatic impact on communities and the local authorities that support them. High inflation and persistent austerity measures have far-reaching impacts across the community, including on the voluntary sector which plays such a crucial role in community building.

Many councils have discovered community lotteries – the ideal way to generate sustainable and unrestricted revenue, while encouraging communities to get behind local good causes. These innovative online lottery programs help supplement existing revenue for councils and grassroots organisations, enabling communities to thrive.

Raise unrestricted funds for your local authority 

Community lotteries enable councils to join forces with local community groups and enable them to fundraise together. Designed specifically to help build a more resilient community sector, they are a fast and effective way to fundraise, while also creating a stream of unrestricted funds that councils can use at their own discretion.

Online lotteries are easy to implement and provide a sustainable and innovative way to support local communities in the long term, without any financial burden on the local authority or participating organisations.

“We’re excited to be launching this Community Lottery. It’s literally a win-win, with players and good causes both benefiting! As a Council, we want to do all we can to support efforts to help others in our District and this is a truly tangible way to do that.”

Richard Wright
North Kesteven Council

Join more than 100 councils UK-wide

With more than 100 local authorities across the UK to raise £3.7 million each year, Gatherwell is the UK’s only local authority lottery specialist. Our  team handles all the heavy lifting, providing local authorities with everything they need to launch a successful lottery including a dedicated website and ongoing marketing support.

For just £1 per ticket, residents can participate and support their favourite causes. Our lotteries are designed to be recurring, meaning once supporters sign up to play, they tend to continue to contribute on a regular basis. This helps to create a steady stream of revenue for local initiatives and ensures that the community benefits over the long term.

We are  committed to ensuring funds raised go back to the community. Half of the funds raised go directly to local good causes, and a further 10% goes to a central fund which can be used at the local authority’s discretion, ensuring every pound raised has a meaningful impact.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the launch of our local lottery. As a result, we’re increasing our own community grants program to deliver even more funding to local good causes. The lottery is helping us build a more resilient voluntary and community sector.”

Dover District Council

You can trust Gatherwell to provide ethical, secure and reliable lottery services. For more information about starting a lottery with Gatherwell, contact us today.