List of sub-processors

Gatherwell engages the data sub-processors in the table below to perform certain data processing activities as needed in order for Gatherwell to provide its lottery administration services. Information about each sub-processor and their related processing activities is provided below:

Gatherwell sub-processorLocationPurpose of processing
Jumbo Interactive Ltd. (Jumbo) and its affiliated companiesAustralia and other locations where the Jumbo and its affiliates operateJumbo is the parent company of Gatherwell. Jumbo`s technology stack and expertise empowers Jumbo to analyse and interrogate personal data to provide Gatherwell with analysis and insights that support the utilisation and potential development of Gatherwell’s lottery administration services.
Rackspace Technology Inc.UK, USCloud-based servers used for data hosting.
Google LLCUSGoogle Ads and Google Analytics for the promotion to, and subsequent tracking of, lottery players through Gatherwell’s lottery platform.

Provision of an email inbox in the name of a Gatherwell managed lottery, to facilitate inbound emails from lottery players, linked to GrooveHQ for the management of, and response to, emails received.

GrooveHQUSIntegrated with Google Mail, GrooveHQ provides an inbound email management solution to enable centralised management of support tickets by the Gatherwell support team.
Twilio SendgridUSIntegrated with Google Mail, Twilio handles the sending of outbound emails required for Gatherwell managed lotteries (e.g. ticket confirmations, password requests, etc.)
Habla, Inc t/a OlarkUSOlark is a cloud-based live chat solution that facilitates Gatherwell’s communications with lottery players to enable real-time support to be provided.
Atlassian Corporation Plc.Australia, USAtlassian’s tool JIRA is a project management tool that allows a user to plan, track and manage agile and software developments.
dbt Labs, Inc.USSoftware to assist teams to develop analytics code in a collaborative manner.
Talend, Inc. (Stitch)USStitch is a data management tool.
Zapier, IncUSZapier is a tool used by Gatherwell to easily collect and store data from another source within a Google sheet (such as sign up forms, where responses are routed into Google).
Barclays Bank UK Plc.UKBarclays are Gatherwell’s business banking provider.
Elavon Financial Services DAC t/a OpayoUKOpayo is the direct debit payment gateway utilised in the Gatherwell lottery platform, enabling payments to be processed by the platform in compliance with the Payment Services Regulation 2017 (UK) and the requirements set out by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Facebook Ireland LtdIrelandFacebook Ireland Ltd provide the Meta Pixel tool, which integrates with Gatherwell’s websites to aid understanding of the actions taken by lottery players on the sites (e.g. page visits, items added to carts), as well as understanding the success of advertisements on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Looker Data Science, Inc.USLooker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps Gatherwell explore, analyse and share real-time business analytics easily.
Clover Network, LLCUSClover Merchant Services provide Gatherwell with a credit card payment processing solution to facilitate face-to-face credit card payments from customers.
Slack Technologies Ltd.USSlack is an internal messaging platform that enables team members across Gatherwell’s lotteries to communicate internally and externally in real-time in a single place, with data and message sharing functionality complemented by integrated tools to assist productivity.
The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailchimpUSMailchimp is an email marketing tool, integrated with Google Mail, that allows Gatherwell to conduct targeted and custom email marketing to lottery players and provide analytical insights related to the targeted audience and marketing effectiveness.